What happens in the digital world today? What is the demand for STEM talents? Who are the “new coders” and what are their attitudes and goals? How are they learning, and what are their work preferences? On this page, we are publishing important researches and reports in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

CODING THE FUTURE: What Canadian youth and their parents think about coding

This document shows the results of Actua’s National Coding Survey on attitudes of Canadian young people and their parents about coding education and careers. Abacus Data collected responses from 1,500 parents and guardians and 1,500 children. In the modern digital era in which we live, they believe that coding and digital literacy are essential for their future success in the economy and society. Read more HERE.


The 2018 New Coder Survey: 31,000 people told us how they’re learning to code and getting dev jobs

One survey which shows us who are “new coders”, how they are expanding their knowledge and what their goals and approaches are. More than 31,000 people answered 50 questions to give us an unprecedented view of how adults are learning to code. See what education they have, where they live, and which online learning resources and podcasts they consider the most helpful.


Developer Survey Results 2019

The most extensive and detailed survey of coders from all over the world. In the Stack Overflow’s annual Developer Survey questions cover everything – from developers’ favourite technologies to their work preferences. Read more HERE to know which are most loved, dreaded, and wanted languages, tools and platforms and what languages are associated with the highest salaries worldwide.