If you want to become a successful programmer or coder, it is not enough to only have a passion for STEM. You have to be ready to put up the work as well as to have a lifelong learning mindset. You have to expand your knowledge daily, push your limits and to inspire your digital creativity and coding journey.

Now we share with you which the “hot spots” are around the globe in the world of STEM and where you could exchange innovative ideas, to connect with other growing developers and to be up to date with new technologies.

EU Code Week -October 5 – October 20, 2019, Europe

This initiative aims to promote programming and to allow young, adults and the elderly to explore digital creativity and coding. The EU Code Week movement is supported by the European Commission and run by volunteers. This year it will be held in the days between October 5 and October 20. All events will inspire people from around the world to bring ideas to life with code and celebrate problem-solving and collaboration through programming and other tech activities.


Codeland – July 22, 2019, NYC

Inspire your coding journey at Codeland conference – one event especially designed for new and growing developers. Meet with incredible technologists from all over the world, join the community and motivate yourself with technical talks and hands-on workshops. Speakers will introduce fascinating stories and knowledge on topics such as how algorithms enable us to create compelling art, how to write your first browser extension, how to fail without feeling like a loser and many more.


‹Programming› 2020 – March 23 – March 26, 2020, Porto, Portugal

‹Programming› is an international conference on the art, science, and engineering of programming. It is the fourth edition of this event. After Brussels, Nice, and Genova, this year it will be held in Porto, Portugal. A number of lectures and workshops will provide a collaborative forum to exchange innovative ideas, recent progress and practical experience on programming and applied software development in general as well as for specific aspects, specific problems, or domain-specific needs.