The mission of Digital Education Foundation is to motivate and support people to not only use technologies but start creating it. We aim to help as many children and schools as possible, by teaching STEM with digital resources.

About Us

The ability to think logically and develop STEM* skills is essential to anyone.

We believe that digital educational resources have to be interactive learn-by-doing, self-explanatory and to help with hints if it becomes confusing to the learner.

This way, young people could start learning right away and stay focussed and motivated. Teachers can easily implement STEM classes that almost self explain the material and even help students in case of hardship. Parents can give interactive and gaming code learning and STEM extracurricular activities to their children without leaving their home with the support of interactive Helper of the system.









Since on our platform we pay special attention to programming, let’s say what does this skill mean to us.

For us, programming is like a second literacy. More and more people understand that a huge part of life is happening in the digital world which is regulated by technology. Before it was enough to read, write and count – now many people think they should be able to code.

The world economy is increasingly dependent on high technology, and the majority of new trends in society are now being dictated by representatives of the IT industry. This is a new elite with “superpowers”, which consists not only in their seven-eight-digit profits, or in the fact that they create programs and applications that we use later, but that they put fundamentals in the educational context.

We believe that the people of the future will not rely blindly on the technological solutions of others, but will be able to “build” part of their world themselves by using a program code. A person who can transform himself and his skills to secure a place on the labour market. A person who will accept the new world in which the programming code is an integral part and exists as a global language.


  • Informing, educating and motivating school STEM teachers and young people how easy it is to accomplish their goals to teach and to learn STEM and to code through online educational resources.
  • Promoting motivational materials for Young people who want to become coders, for STEM teachers and for parents who wish to teach their children STEM and coding.
  • We help teachers in schools to start using quality, interactive, learn-by-doing STEM lessons without fear of the new. In a way that there is no need for the teachers and principals to be coders or alike to implement STEM digital education in their lessons.
  • We help parents to make sure their children are getting the STEM and coding skills needed to unleash potential and prosper in the digital age. We help parents to make sure their children are getting the STEM and coding skills needed to unleash potential and prosper in the digital age.
  • We are providing free interactive digital learning resources for young code enthusiasts to start learning, for teachers to use in the classroom, for parents to use at home. With these learn-by-doing resources, they could see how easy and exciting learning can be and unleash their potential in our digital world.


Milen Matev

Over eight years working as CEO and owner of companies that work on online learning initiatives. Helped thousands of people get a new qualification and key competencies through Online learning. Strong Online learning Promoter and believer.

Svetla Mateva

For more than seven years Online courses creator and teacher. Managed teams of up to 30 teachers working simultaneously online with up to 2 000 online Students. Strong Online Education Advocate and Promoter.

Stefka Muzikova

Working 20 years as Director in the field of Professional Vocational Education and Training, and in the last five years embracing all aspects of Online Distance learning as a way more people to get the knowledge and skills they need in the digital age.

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