Our mission

The mission of Digital Education Foundation is to motivate and support people to not only use technologies but start creating it. We aim to help as many children and schools as possible, by teaching STEM with digital resources.

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We are providing free interactive digital learning resources for young code enthusiasts to start learning, for teachers to use in the classroom, for parents to use at home. With these learn-by-doing resources, they could see how easy and exciting learning can be and unleash their potential in our digital world.

We help teachers in schools to start using quality, interactive, learn-by-doing STEM lessons without fear of the new. In a way that there is no need for the teachers and principals to be coders or alike to implement STEM digital education in their lessons.

Informing, educating and motivating school STEM teachers and young people how easy it is to accomplish their goals to teach and learn STEM and to code through online educational resources.

Meet The Team

Milen Matev
Svetla Mateva
Stefka Muzikova

What happens in the digital world today? What is the demand for STEM talents? Who are the “new coders” and what are their attitudes and goals? How are they learning, and what are their work preferences? On this page, we are publishing important researches and reports in the field of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.


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